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Our Tours


We offer a large variety of tailor made shore excursions departing from all 3 major ports - Ashdod, Haifa and Eilat. 

Below are some examples of our most popular tours:


Jerusalem and Betlehem

Full day / Departs Ashdod Port

This classical tour begins at the Mt. of Olives and visits the Old City, Western Wall, Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Gethsemane, Church of All Nations and ends with a visit to Bethlehem and the Church of Nativity. 

Masada and Dead Sea

Full day / Departs Ashdod Port

Ascend Masada, the ancient fortress built by King Herod on top of a natural plateau in the Judean dessert.  Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Drive to the Dead Sea, the lowest place on the face of the Earth (428 meters below the Sea level) and experience floating in the Salt Sea.

Glorious Jerusalem

Full day / Departs Ashdod Port

Drive to Jerusalem, a city that promises a Religious and Spiritual experience.  Spend the day visiting the sites dedicated to the Christian and Jewish faiths.

Eternal Jeruslaem

Full day / Departs Ashdod Port

Jerusalem - the eternal capital of Israel.    Visit Yad veShem, the memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, the Jewish Quarter of the Old City with the Western Wall, the Cardo and King David’s tomb. 

Nazareth and Galilee

Full day / Departs Haifa Port

Nazareth - the childhood home of Jesus.  Visit the Church of Annunciation where Mary received the message that she would give birth to Jesus.  Drive around the Sea of Galilee and visit the site of the Sermon on the Mount and the Church of the Multiplication of the loaves and fish.  In Capernaum stand on the site of the Ancient Synagogue where Jesus learnt and preached.

Haifa and Acre

Half day / Departs Haifa Port

Panoramic view from Mt. Carmel of the beautiful landscaped gardens of the Bahai Temple, the well known landmark of Haifa.  Visit Acre, the UNESCO world Heritage site and the reconstructed Crusader Old City with the Citadel, the Wall, the Hall of the Knights and the tunnels of the Templars.

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